Vic was one of Lisa’s best friends and bridesmaids, having met twenty years ago when Lisa was starting out as a presenter and Vic was working in the promotions department. Vic raised £1360 for the charity by running the Edinburgh Marathon in May this year.


Emma and Paula

Lisa both ran and hosted the Great North Run a number of times, so it’s an event which is very close to our hearts. Emma and Paula ran it for our charity last year, and even though they ran separately, somehow they managed to find each other amongst the thousands of other runners for a quick selfie!


Zach, Gracie and Vaughan

Three of Lisa’s very own Little’uns have being doing their part to raise money. Her son, niece and nephew ran the Junior and Mini Great North Run, along with their dads and did us all very proud. 



For the last two years Owen has swum the Great North Swim for Lisa Shaw’s Little’uns. Lisa had planned to do it herself a few years back, but it was cancelled due to bad weather. Owen wanted to complete it for her, as she never got the chance. He enjoyed it so much, he has taken up open water swimming, and the Great North Swim will now be a yearly tradition for him.